Smartphones are top sources of allergens and other toxins, study warns

(ORDO NEWS) — It is impossible to imagine a modern person without a phone in his hands, but not everyone resorts to the global cleaning of the gadget. In this regard, a huge amount of harmful substances accumulate on its surface.

A recent study showed that smartphones are capable of accumulating harmful environmental substances and negatively affecting human health. Gadgets analyzed contained increased levels of allergens to cats and dogs, as well as β-D glucans (BDG) and endotoxin.

“Smartphones have shown elevated and variable levels of BDG and endotoxin, and allergens to cats and dogs have been found on smartphones of pet owners.

BDGS are found in the cell walls of fungi and in many environments and surfaces that cause chronic respiratory symptoms and irritation, making BDGs a consistent marker for problematic mold studies.

Endotoxin is a powerful inflammatory agent and a marker of exposure to Gram-negative bacteria,” the study authors shared.

Smartphones are top sources of allergens and other toxins study warns 2

The study demonstrates exposure to inhaled allergens and molecules that induce innate immune responses.

In case you have asthma or allergies, the researchers recommend cleaning your electronic devices as often as possible.

How to cleanse your phone of toxins, according to experts

Smartphones are top sources of allergens and other toxins study warns 3

To answer this question, a team of scientists created phone models of the same size and with identical coverage as the real gadget.

As part of the test, they wiped the front surface of the manufactured model with electrostatic wipes soaked in various chemicals.

They were able to collect samples from the same devices used by 15 volunteers, after which the specialists again measured the level of allergens, BDG and endotoxin in each sample.

The chlorhexidine + cetylpyridinium combination was most effective in reducing BDG and endotoxin levels, while the benzyl benzoate + tannic acid pair was most effective in reducing allergen levels in pets.


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