Cursing is good for the heart : The opinion of a cardiologist

(ORDO NEWS) — Cursing in the modern world is taboo and in some way prohibited: the public utterance of obscene language is considered an administrative offense. Nevertheless, no one forbids swearing in narrow circles, but on the contrary, they even recommend doing it!

Several studies have already proven the positive impact of obscene language on overall health.

According to him, a whole series of experiments was recently conducted, during which participants were divided into two groups: the first could swear as much as they liked, and the second did not swear at all.

Studies have shown that swearing can reduce levels of the stress hormone, which impairs the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

How stress affects the heart

Cursing is good for the heart the opinion of a cardiologist 2

With stress, the heart rate increases, and glucose levels and blood pressure increase. If you stay in this state for a long time, the heart will begin to “wear out”: often during times of stress, blood sugar levels and blood pressure rise, two conditions that contribute to the development of heart disease.

The participants in the experiment, who could swear, splashed out their negative emotions, which helped them calm down faster in a state of stress.

Cursing is good for the heart the opinion of a cardiologist 3

Moreover, the use of profanity in speech is effective for conducting dialogues, we wrote about this here .


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