Shark liver and aluminum: why are these substances added to vaccines

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, most anti-vaccination propaganda is associated with the composition of these drugs. Heavy metals, abortive tissues, shark liver, composition of course raises many questions. 

Shark liver and aluminum why are these substances added to vaccines 2

For some reason, for some inexplicable reason, vaccinations do not work without these substances. It is reported by the BBC.

For almost a century, scientists have been trying to find out why vaccines have such “terrible” compositions. It all started back in 1925, when veterinarian Gaston Ramor vaccinated horses against diphtheria. He noticed a strange feature. In those animals, where an abscess (slight suppuration) formed at the injection site, the immunity was much stronger. Gaston began to ponder what could be done so that all vaccinated animals would have such a reaction to the injection.

The first thing to do was experiment with the composition of the vaccine substance. What the man did not add: starch, agar, lecithin, crackers. This gave the expected effect. Horses vaccinated with Ramon’s vaccine had good immunity. 

Since then, simple experiments have grown into the branch of pharmacology for the study of substances designed to enhance the action of vaccines (adjuvants). Today, such types of adjuvants are popular as:

  • aluminum;
  • squalene;
  • bacteria tails separated from the body, etc.

At the same time, scientists cannot explain the phenomenon of adjuvants. In some incomprehensible way, they enhance the effect of the vaccine without harming humans. Sometimes, without these substances, vaccines do not work at all.


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