One of the cities of Ohio has completely refused abortion

(ORDO NEWS) — The topic of the ban on abortion is very relevant today all over the world. In Ohio, the City of Lebanon has completely banned abortion. 

One of the cities of Ohio has completely refused abortion 2

The exceptions were ectopic pregnancy and a few more cases in which the life of a woman in labor is at risk. Victims of violence and incest will not be able to have an abortion in Lebanon. 

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The city of Lebanon has proclaimed itself a “haven for unborn children”. All members of the city council unanimously supported the ban on abortion. The new decree has already entered into force. According to the adopted law, it is now prohibited not only to have abortions, but also: 

  • assist in terminating pregnancy;
  • provide money or transfer;
  • distribute instructions for termination of pregnancy.

At the same time, a woman who wants to have an abortion will not be prosecuted by the law. Those who provide “assistance” in this matter fall under criminal responsibility.

If the law is violated, you will have to pay a fine of USD 1,000. Also, violators can go to jail for 6 months. 

Legal abortions locked away always carry a lot of negative consequences. First, women resort to barbaric abortion methods. Secondly, clandestine clinics may appear.


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