In China, found ritual pits with artifacts three thousand years old

(ORDO NEWS) — Six ritual pits with 500 artifacts were found by archaeologists in China. It is known that the artifacts are about 3000 years old. The pits were discovered in Sanxingdui City. The place is located 1500 km from Beijing. This is reported by Livesciene.

In China found ritual pits with artifacts three thousand years old 1

Valuable historical finds date back to the reign of the Shu kingdom. An archaeologist at the research center who attended Lei Yu’s excavations says unique copper objects have been found in the pits.

Among the valuable artifacts in the pits were found: engravings of dragons, silk, ivory sculptures, tree seeds, decorations, etc. Rice was also found, which turned into carbon.

All finds are perfectly preserved (except for rice and seeds.), Even silk. This is a very great value for China.

No human remains were found in any of the holes. There is a theory that the bodies of the dead were not buried at that time, but burned.

Jewels, fabrics, rice were piled in the pits in order to deliver them to the next world. Perhaps this has something to do with the rituals that were performed 3000 years ago.

The Shu kingdom was conquered by the Qin kingdom in 316 BC. n. e. Unfortunately, there are almost no written artifacts of those times. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine the purpose of such burials.


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