Found a relationship between myopia and poor sleep

(ORDO NEWS) — Myopia is a fairly common disease. It affects 30% of adults and 10% of children worldwide. With such an eye disease, a person does not see objects well at a distance, but he sees well what is at arm’s length. Nearsighted people sleep worse.

poor sleep 1

This conclusion was made by scientists from Flinders University (Australia). Reported by the Daily Mail.

A team of scientists decided to analyze human circadian rhythms. These 24 hour cycles are part of the body’s internal clock.

They also analyzed the production of melatonin. The study involved students aged 20 and over. Some of the students were with myopia, and some with 100% vision.

In people with myopia, circadian rhythms were slower and melatonin levels were lower. In people with normal vision, these indicators were in order, without deviations. Some of the students with myopia were more tired and complained of lack of sleep.

The researchers concluded that healthy, optimal sleep is extremely important for humans. His stress resistance, concentration, mood depends on this. Scientists recommend reconsidering your attitude to the quality of sleep and getting your eyesight checked more often.


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