Scientists told what diseases the dinosaurs suffered

(ORDO NEWS) — Dinosaurs, just like modern animals, suffered from various diseases and received injuries from time to time. Experts conduct research on ancient fossils and thus obtain the necessary information regarding how the evolution of dinosaurs took place. Using computed tomography, it was possible to establish what diseases the ancient animals suffered from.

Reported by CNN.

Filippo Bertozzo said that during the study, it is necessary to take into account what exactly led to the changes in the bone – deformation due to geological processes or pathology. For this, an internal analysis of the samples is carried out.

Scientists noted that most often they recorded bone fractures in dinosaurs. Many, for example, pachycephalosaurs, fought among themselves, which caused numerous skull injuries. A new study of the remains of a parasaurolophus, an animal with a huge curved ridge located on its head, has shown that the depression in the spine was actually the result of a fracture. The dinosaur also had several broken ribs, a deformity of the pelvis and noticeable damage to the teeth. Bertozzo is sure that the fracture of the spine was triggered by the fall of a huge stone or tree, but the dinosaur died for another reason. The scientist noted that many animals could continue to live with their injuries due to the strong immune system.

Dinosaurs also suffered from cancer. Centrozavtro, which lived about 77 million years ago, was found to have bone cancer, which can develop in humans. The tyrannosaurus rex discovered by specialists had parasites, as evidenced by the huge number of holes with smooth edges in the animal’s jaw.


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