Indian beauty salon fined for bad hair

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people have faced the fact that hairdressers cut off too much hair and as a result, the haircut turned out to be completely different from what they would like to see it. Usually, after that, the client simply expresses his dissatisfaction and no longer visits this particular beauty salon. But the model from India decided that this was not enough.

It is reported by the BBC.

In 2018, Aashna Roy visited one of the beauty salons that belonged to the ITC Maurya hotel chain. She wanted to get a new hairstyle and told everything in detail to the master. The same, in turn, did not take into account the wishes of the client and, instead of a few centimeters of hair, cut off most of them. Immediately after that, the woman complained about such a haircut to the salon administrator. Aashne was offered medical procedures and professional hair care as moral compensation, but, according to the model, this further ruined the remaining hair.

Aashna Roy at that time worked in a company that was engaged in the manufacture of various hair products. For this reason, she should always have the perfect hairstyle. The new haircut affected not only the woman’s appearance, but also her self-esteem and work. Aashna was forced to resign. Such changes caused her enormous financial as well as moral damage.

The model decided to go to court and the National Commission took her side. Roy’s job required her to actively participate in meetings and photo shoots, but due to a spoiled haircut, she could not do the same things. The court took this point into account and awarded the beauty salon to pay the former model moral compensation in the amount of 20 million rupees, which is equal to 271 thousand dollars.


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