Ancient mummy tomb discovered in Peru

(ORDO NEWS) — Workers from Peru were laying a gas pipeline and discovered an ancient burial site. Inside it were found the remains of eight people who turned into mummies.

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Such an incredible discovery was made completely by accident. The public became aware of him thanks to a message published by the Peruvian gas company. They decided to use the ancient burial place as an advertisement and therefore the company became the first to demonstrate the tomb. It is represented by a rectangular camera and is not very deep underground.

Inside the cell, mummified remains were found that belong to 8 people. Experts are confident that the mummification occurred naturally, because the climatic conditions were very suitable for this. It is worth noting that many peoples who lived in this area in the pre-Hispanic period had similar burial traditions.

The burial is about 800 years old. This suggests that it was made just a couple of centuries before colonizers from Europe came to the area. All eight people were buried while sitting in one cell. Next to them are special ritual artifacts, among which dishes with food remains and musical instruments were found. Most likely, these artifacts acted as offerings that the deceased could allegedly use after death.

Cecilia Camargo noted that the tomb contained the remains of not only adults, but also children. Presumably they all belonged to the same family. The bodies were carefully wrapped in sturdy cloth, which has survived quite well to this day.


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