Scientists remembered about UFO with aliens discovered in the USSR

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists again became interested in the fragments of the “alien civilization” spacecraft, which cruised in near-earth orbit. This discovery was made in 1979, and was reported by the Soviet astrophysicist Sergei Bosich.

According to the scientist, he discovered the wreckage of the aircraft, inside of which were the dead aliens. The expert also said that the length of this apparatus was about 30 meters. At the same time, not only scientists were interested in the find, therefore, as was expected during the Soviet era, this information was promptly classified. However, information about the intriguing incident somehow leaked to the Western media.

At that time, some scientists did not really believe the words of a colleague, considered them to be a fantasy of a specialist played out. However, there were also those who believed in Bosic’s hypothesis. For example, physicist Vladimir Azhazha is convinced that it was a real unidentified flying object, since ordinary space objects do not have an orbit.

In the Western media, information appeared that the USSR was supposedly going to study the mysterious wreckage, for which it would send a secret rescue mission to them. More about this was not heard. Independent researchers put forward two versions: the mission was not carried out, or it was simply classified. Therefore, or maybe for other reasons, the researchers do not remember the further fate of the UFO fragments. Some theorists have suggested that the alien ship is still in low-Earth orbit, many people know it as the “Black Knight”.

However, a few years ago Vladimir Azhazha made a sensational statement that there are no aliens on Earth and never have been, and UFOs are only a part of the Universal mind, organically coexisting with biological life on our planet.


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