Hitler’s secret bunker discovered in Argentina

(ORDO NEWS) — In Argentina, a secret hideout was investigated, in which the leaders of the Nazi Reich, defeated by the USSR, could allegedly be hiding.

It is alleged that even the F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany after the end of the war in 1945 could have lived in the found refuge.

Former U.S. Special Forces soldier Tim Kennedy and CIA veteran Bob Baer told The Express that Hitler’s likely hideout is 600 miles north of Buenos Aires. There are legends among the locals about why three buildings were built in a remote region of Argentina.

It is reported that archaeologists have found during excavations a common photo of the leader of the Nazi Reich, Hitler, and his Italian colleague Benito Mussolini. Also, archaeologists allegedly found a box with gold coins minted in Germany in 1940, as well as a photograph of a child in Nazi uniform.

Historians claim that Hitler’s corpse was found burnt on the ruins of the Reich Chancellery in May 1945 and, by order of the head of the USSR, Joseph Stalin, was destroyed along with the bodies of Hitler’s successor Joseph Goebbels and his wife.


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