Two more mysterious monoliths appeared on Earth last night

(ORDO NEWS) — Last week, many media outlets talked about the appearance of mysterious monoliths. One was found in Utah and the other was found in Romania. Their peculiarity is that both monoliths disappeared without a trace literally overnight, and only fragments remained after them.

It was clear that the structures were dismantled at night. In addition, many were surprised by the fact that they were cut with the help of an autogen, although it was much easier to just get the pieces of iron out of the ground. And while everyone is arguing about what happened last week, another monolith has emerged in California. It is located at the top of the Pine Mountain, which is located in Atascadero. At almost the same time, a monolith was discovered in France in a Gallic forest.

Nobody understands what’s going on. Regular internet users and professionals offer a variety of versions. One assumption was that geometric shapes were drawn on the global contour map. This approach has very simple logic. If you insert pins into the monoliths and draw lines between them, you can get a shape resembling a diamond. He points out that the next monolith is to be found somewhere in Illinois. But this calculation turned out to be wrong, because literally a couple of hours later they found a monolith already on the territory of California. In this case, it is required to draw a whole pentagram.

Some believe that there was only one real monolith, because no one checked its presence in Romania and everyone takes their word for the press, and she could easily draw it using photoshop. The third option seems to many to be the most truthful. Perhaps, they are talking about a global hoax and soon real monoliths will begin to grow straight from the ground in many countries, or they will be teleported by aliens.


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