Scientists have told what will happen if the Earth stops rotating

(ORDO NEWS) — The Earth began to rotate around the Sun, as well as around its own axis, even at the stage of its formation.Due to this, the season changes, day and night. Jacco van Loon of the University of Keele, who is in England, is confident that the Earth will rotate for many more years.

Only a collision with an object as large as herself can stop her. But even this will not be enough to completely stop the rotation. Only his way will change.

For 4.5 billion years, our planet has been moving, because nothing in outer space interferes with it. The movement is slightly affected by the Moon, which makes it slower. The sides of the Earth cannot be completely balanced by gravity.

This leads to the fact that there is an imbalance that provokes ocean tides and swells. When the planet moves, these bulges also move like waves and create some kind of opposition to the rotation of the Earth. Due to this slowdown, every 50 thousand years on the planet, the day increases by 1 second.

The scientist notes that even if the Earth stops rotating, people with animals will not go into outer space. It won’t happen due to gravity. The planet will continue to revolve around the Sun, but day and night will last for six months on it.

As a result, during the day the temperature will rise very strongly, and at night it will fall. Temperature fluctuations will lead to strong winds that will move warm air into cold areas. When cold and warm winds meet each other, they will provoke the emergence of incredibly powerful whirlwinds, the size of continents.

It is because of the rotation that the Earth has a magnetic field. Without it, mankind will not be protected from the dangerous effects of sunlight. In addition, if the planet stops moving, then the same stars will constantly be visible in the sky.


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