Scientists have identified a blood group with increased protective properties to COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at the University of Kent in the UK believe that people with the first blood group are best protected from coronavirus.

During the tests, it turned out that they have the least risk of catching an infection, but they can infect a person with any antigens through a blood transfusion, writes Epidemics.

In practice, fewer people with the first blood group are registered among the sick. The risk of infection for them is 60 percent lower than for the rest.

At the same time, scientists believe that people with a blood group will more often infect others, rather than become infected themselves, since they are universal donors.

Earlier, therapist, immunologist Irina Yartseva said that blood thinning after COVID-19 can lead to a stroke. The specialist warns that you cannot take blood thinning drugs for a long time.

Such medicines are necessary only for those whose illness was difficult. Yartseva called the situation when people independently drink such drugs without prescribing doctors and get a stroke because of this “obscurantism.”


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