Scientists have found that a person can remember the location of more than 100 objects

(ORDO NEWS) — Experiments have shown that humans have good spatial memory.

“People often think their memory is terrible.

But our results show that we can remember where and when the object appeared with good (if not ideal) accuracy for a large number of objects, explained the task of the study, its lead author Jeremy Wolfe.

“Even though our spatial and temporal memory for objects is not as good as some birds or squirrels who have to remember where they hid food for the winter.”

The experiment was carried out using a 7×7 cage, in the cells of which various objects could be displayed. Each element was highlighted with a red square for two seconds.

After the subjects were shown to the participants, all images were removed, and then the participants were asked to remember if they had seen the item before, and if so, where it was located on the grid.

In total, observers saw 300 different objects. Many volunteers were able to point to the location of more than 100 objects with an accuracy of +/- one cell from the true. In a follow-up experiment, participants were shown objects one at a time in a specific sequence.

After that, they were asked to indicate on the timeline exactly when a particular item was shown. As a result, the participants indicated the time of the demonstration of 60-80% of the items with an accuracy of +/-10%.

Scientists say further experiments will be needed to determine the limits of memory and its features. For example, the authors suggest that it may differ between sexes.


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