Scientists have found out what actually happens to a person at the time of death

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the University of Michigan conducted a series of experiments on rats, causing them to cardiac arrest. In the last 30 seconds of their lives, they registered a sharp increase in the activity of the rodents’ brain. The study has brought scientists closer to a better understanding of why people see different stories before they die.

The near-death experience is a mystery to humanity. Many see the light at the end of the tunnel or their deceased relatives, but at the same time, why this happens, no one can explain. Perhaps NDEs are associated exclusively with increased brain activity. It is the brain that generates various plots.

Religious people believe that different visions are proof of the existence of an afterlife, while scientists now see it as a natural phenomenon. The appearance of certain pictures is a poorly studied feature of consciousness. The brain can send impulses so that a person knows that he is not dead yet.

What happens to consciousness after complete death is a mystery. People believe that the soul leaves the body. Scientists do not refute the possibility that consciousness leaves our body and becomes part of the universe.

Experiments on rats made it possible to conclude that in the last moments of life, a person is more acutely aware of everything that is happening. According to Jimo Borjigin, Ph.D., near-death experiences can be directly related to brain activity. It is necessary that neural correlates of consciousness be identified in humans and animals after complete cessation of blood flow in the brain.

Dramatically lowering blood oxygen and glucose levels can stimulate the brain, making it more active.


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