Back in September 2019, Wuhan hospitals admitted patients with symptoms of Covid-19

(ORDO NEWS) — According to some disclosed documents, people with coronavirus symptoms began admitting to hospitals in Wuhan back in September last year. This is a couple of months before the official announcement of the problem, reports the Epoch Times.

New information again brings us back to the fact that the Chinese authorities were hiding information. The documents say that at least one patient was treated in September. Most likely, he had the then not yet diagnosed Covid-19 virus. Within a month, dozens of other citizens were hospitalized with similar symptoms.

In October, Wuhan hospitals reported several deaths due to severe pneumonia. The infection completely affected the lungs and other organs. Only on December 31, the Chinese authorities began to talk about a spreading dangerous virus. This is after the prayers of doctors who asked for support from the authorities began to actively spread on social networks.

The early cases were studied by a national investigation team set up by the central government. Wuhan hospitals received a request for all patients between October and December. The key role was assigned to the nine clinics that received the largest number of patients. A total of 11 hospitals responded to the request of the national group.

Three hospitals in Wuhan have had nine deaths due to a condition common with coronavirus. There were a total of 40 citizens suspected of Covid-19.

Today, despite clear evidence, it is still believed that the first patient was a man named Chen who became infected on December 8 last year. Whether the truth will be revealed in the near future is unknown.


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