The defeat of one organ doubles the risk of death from COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — According to statistics, people with kidney disease die in 50% of cases, while patients with other diseases – in 21% of cases. Thus, kidney damage doubles the risk of death.

Patients who test positive for coronavirus and have kidney problems should be closely monitored in hospitals as they constitute the main risk group. Such conclusions were made at Imperial College London. The study was conducted in hospitals in London and Birmingham.

So, according to statistics, 48% of patients with damaged kidneys died. Perhaps it was the coronavirus that disrupted the work of these organs.

People with kidney problems should be delivered to the intensive care unit earlier, as in some cases it may take minutes. Today in the UK, 3 million people need special assistance, and in the US – 37 million. These people need not only treatment for coronavirus, but also the restoration of normal kidney function.

People whose kidneys do not fully perform their functions should not hesitate, but immediately consult a doctor if they notice symptoms of coronavirus. A timely response will significantly reduce the risk of death, said specialist Sanuj Soni from Imperial College London.

The study also found that a fifth of all patients after fighting coronavirus infection needed kidney recovery. This means that the virus is capable of infecting them.

It remains a mystery why kidney problems increase the risk of death several times. Perhaps the fatal consequences are associated with the negative effects of the coronavirus on the body as a whole, and not just on the kidneys. It will still be presented to scientists to figure out.


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