Russia involved in the death of the Chinese ambassador?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Jerusalem Post, an Israeli publication, reported that the discovery of the PRC ambassador dead in his home, in Israeli-occupied territory, has given rise to many different rumors and speculations on the subject, and at the same time, various causes of the diplomat’s death are being discussed.

The author of the article in the Israeli edition argues that the unexpected death of an ambassador of such a large state as China is an event in itself, which will be ambiguous and interpreted differently. In addition, it happened against the backdrop of a very tense world situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic, and followed immediately after the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the country. If we take into account the information that the United States is currently exerting on Israel regarding the country’s relations with China, then all the rumors and versions regarding a possible conspiracy to deliberately eliminate the Chinese diplomat may seem justified.

An article in an Israeli publication says that the Chinese ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, was recently appointed to this country. He arrived in the country in order to accept the position from his predecessor, and his arrival took place at a time when foreign flights to Israel from those countries where there was an outbreak of the epidemic were limited. Accordingly, he was immediately quarantined upon arrival.

In support of the arguments of the mentioned publication, we can recall that the last visit of the vice-president of the PRC to Israel took place relatively recently, on October 22 last year. A senior representative of the PRC held talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, and the head of the Israeli government spoke at the meeting about “daily comprehensive strengthening of friendship” and “partnership relations” between the two countries. It can be added that the trip also had the goal of informing the leaders of the Middle East countries about the project of regional and international cooperation “One Belt, One Way” initiated by Beijing.

As the author of the mentioned publication noted, immediately after the death of a Chinese diplomat, a conspiracy theory arose against him, and at the same time, the negative reaction to the strengthening of the “Chinese presence” in Israel, naturally, with accusations against China about the “importation” of coronavirus into the country, intensified. infection. It is worth noting that some observers were inclined to describe what happened as the plot of a spy movie or a detective series. At the same time, there were allegations that the unexpected death of the ambassador was “just” due to a disease caused by a coronavirus infection.

A number of commentators, discussing the possible causes of the death of the diplomat, also recalled that Du Wei had previously held the post of Chinese ambassador to Ukraine, and therefore this circumstance could somehow “cast a shadow” on his next mission to Israel. At the same time, they recall various accusations of Ukrainian officials against Russia, which was accused of organizing a series of killings in Ukraine. There were some references to the “not held” as a result of the “murder” of the famous independent Russian journalist and writer Arkady Babchenko.

Those who recall the probable connection between the death of the ambassador and his Ukrainian past hint at the possibility of using different communication channels to recruit organizers and murderers in Ukraine, including for the unsuccessful murder of a Russian journalist. And further in continuation of such reasoning, they talk about the possibility of further eliminating the persons involved in the recruitment as carriers of “undesirable” information for Russia.

However, this does not sufficiently convincingly explain the willingness of the Russian special services to use the probable communication channels of the Chinese diplomat, as well as the willingness to eliminate him in the future because he “knew too much.” Moreover, this does not look logical in the current situation, when relations between Russia and China are stably good. that he “knew too much.” Moreover, this does not look logical in the current situation, when relations between Russia and China are stably good. that he “knew too much.” Moreover, this does not look logical in the current situation, when relations between Russia and China are stably good.

However, the “Ukrainian past” of the Chinese diplomat and the possible “Russian trace” are far from the only, as already mentioned, version regarding the causes of his mysterious sudden death. Some point to a visit to Israel by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, which, as already mentioned, took place just a few days before a Chinese diplomat was found dead in his home.

Accordingly, they point to the US Secretary of State and argue that he was also implicated in the incident. Someone, on the contrary, accuses the Israeli special services of the incident and is now waiting for the official reaction of Beijing, which will undoubtedly require the Israeli authorities to immediately investigate the incident and punish the perpetrators, if any are found. The latter say that there are forces who are interested in creating tensions between Israel and China. But someone, nevertheless, is inclined to associate the death of a diplomat with the most “simple” and natural causes – the disease caused by COVID-19.

According to Arabic-language media reports, the body of a Chinese diplomat was discovered last Sunday morning in the house where the diplomat lived in Herzliya, in the northern part of Tel Aviv County.

At the same time, the 12th channel of Israeli television, citing representatives of medicine and health, said that, according to preliminary data, the death of Du Wei was not violent – it happened in a dream, for natural reasons.


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