Mistakes to avoid after training

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Although exercise is an effective and harmless way to stay fit and healthy, many people may lose sight of some of the mistakes they make during training.

The following are examples of mistakes that we often make during physical exercises.

Ignore the need to lower body temperature

Melissa Leber, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedics and Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in America, states: “During physical activity, your body temperature rises and your blood vessels expand. As a result, your body needs to return to normal state, for example, you may feel lightly dizzy if you don’t cool your body before taking a shower. If you have a fitness tracker, make sure your heart rate drops to 100 or below before completing your workout. It is such a good idea to invest in one of these because they can really tell you how far you’re pushing yourself. Then you can be sensible but are also able to track all your work which is excellent for motivation.

Ignore stretching exercises

To maximize your flexibility, do stretching exercises immediately after your workout. Due to physical exertion, your muscles warm up, and you can stretch them well, which ultimately increases the flexibility of the body and joints.

We are waiting for several hours before you eat.

Eating within two hours after a workout is crucial to restore the body. According to Alissa Rumsey, a former spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, carbohydrates replenish the energy used by our muscles, and protein helps repair muscles and reduce pain in them.

Eat right after your workout.

At first, exercise reduces hunger, but later during the day, hunger hormones will increase. If you decide to have a snack within an hour after your workout, you can end up taking food twice in a short period, which will increase the number of calories and will not allow you to get the desired effect of exercise.

We drink juice immediately after exercise

According to Alyssa Ramsey, many types of juices are a time bomb, which contains a large number of calories and simple sugars, so it is advisable to reduce the amount of juice drunk after a workout.

We rely too much on supplements

Nutritional supplements, such as protein shakes and vitamins, can have the opposite effect if you overdo it. So, excessive consumption of food additives can increase the load on the immune system and rather cause its weakening, rather than strengthening. Instead, get proteins and vitamins from natural foods that do not contain high concentrations of these substances. If at all you are relying on any recovery drink, ensure that you do not go overboard in the consumption and intake it in the right quantity.

Take a lot of food

After spending a day in the gym, you can feel full of energy and want to eat a particularly tasty dish to reward yourself for a good job. However, if you succumb to this temptation, then in the end you can gain more calories than necessary, which will negate all your efforts in the gym. According to Alyssa Ramsey, a 30-minute workout will allow you to burn only 300 calories, while a meal you eat can contain much more calories.


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