Russia confirms that its Sputnik-V vaccine against Covid-19 is 95% effective

(ORDO NEWS) — Russia confirmed Tuesday that its “Sputnik-V” vaccine against the emerging corona virus, developed by the “Gamalia” Research Center in Moscow, is 95% effective.

A statement issued by the center, the Russian Ministry of Health and the Russian sovereign fund involved in developing the vaccine indicated that these are preliminary results of experiments on volunteers 42 days after the injection of the first dose.

However, the number of cases used to calculate the efficacy rate was not mentioned.

The British laboratory, “AstraZeneca” and the University of Oxford, announced Monday that their vaccine is approximately 70% effective.

The effectiveness of the vaccine developed by the Pfizer / Bionic Alliance is 95% effective for preventing Covid-19, according to the full results of a large-scale clinical trial announced last week.

For its part, the American company Moderna announced similar results for its vaccine, with an efficacy rate of 94.5%.

The Russian sovereign fund said in a separate statement that “the price of one dose of Sputnik-V for the international market will be less than ten dollars,” noting that the vaccine for Russian citizens will be free.

The Sputnik-V vaccine is currently in the third phase of clinical trials that are conducted according to an experimental approach in which neither the patient nor the doctor knows whether the given vaccine is real or placebo. The experiments include forty thousand volunteers.

At a time Russia has not yet given much scientific information about this vaccine, which Russian President Vladimir Putin brags about, but the developers of Sputnik-V confirmed Tuesday that the research will soon be published “in one of the main medical journals in the world and will be subject to evaluation by” the developers of other vaccines.”

The vaccine is based on “viral vectors” that are used as a vector in two adenovirus injections (very popular viruses responsible especially for colds), which have been converted to be added to a portion of the emerging corona virus responsible for infection with Covid-19 disease.

When the modified adenovirus is injected into a person’s cells, the latter produces a protein typical of SARS-Cove-2 that allows the immune system to recognize and fight it, according to the Gamalia Research Center.

Competition is escalating to develop a vaccine against the epidemic that has paralyzed entire countries since the beginning of the year.

Russia is determined to enter the race to find a vaccine at the forefront and has announced since August, before large-scale clinical trials, the effectiveness of its vaccine, which has raised doubts in the international scientific community.


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