Robotic arm of the Chinese space station was shown on video

(ORDO NEWS) — To help the taikonauts in their work in orbit will be a new robot assistant on the surface of the station. China showed in the case of a space robot-manipulator

In April 2021, Tianhe, the main module of the new Chinese space station Tiangong, which is to be mastered by Chinese astronauts, was launched into low-Earth orbit on a Long March 5B super-heavy rocket from Hainan Island. And to facilitate the work of taikonauts, a robotic assistant hand was delivered to Tiangong.

A video released by China’s Manned Flight Program Administration (CMSA) shows a folding mechanized arm over 10 meters long operating on the outside of the Tianhe module and reaching out to find the docking port in the foreground. The video was made with a panoramic camera D on the main module.

The new manipulator can be used to test systems and equipment, as well as an assistant for people working in outer space. For example, the new device was activated in 2021 after the cargo ship Tianzhou 2 arrived at the station.

Recall that earlier Popular Mechanics spoke in detail about the new project of the Chinese Manned Space Agency – the Tiangong space station, whose name translates as “Heavenly Palace”.


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