REAL miracle happened in Africa: the Virgin Mary appeared to the woman

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The chances of an image of the Virgin Mary appearing in the African wilderness under a tree are completely insignificant, but even here miracles sometimes happen that many people would like to believe in.

An incredible event took place in a Ugandan village, where one of the residents was the Virgin.

Now thousands of people visit the place where the Virgin Mary appeared. Many began to worry that such a conglomeration of people could cause a repeated spread of the coronavirus at an incredible rate in the area.

An incredible incident occurred in the village of Maracha, which was previously unknown to anyone. Today, a huge number of pilgrims go there. They come not only from those towns and villages that are nearby, but also from the neighboring republic of Congo.

According to local media reports, Filistera Lekuru, a resident of the village of Mariachi on May 2 this year, saw Virgin Mary next to her house under the avocado tree and even talked with her for some time.

The image ordered the woman to fast for two weeks, and at the end of the month to wait for the occurrence of another phenomenon that will give new advice.

Lekuru claims that she didn’t tell anyone about what happened, but inexplicably, rumors spread around. Crowds of people immediately began to come to the woman’s house.

They wanted to see the tree where this incredible meeting took place. After some time, part of the pilgrims began to say that they also saw the image of the Virgin among the leaves.

They said that the Virgin Mary turned to face them and spread her arms wide, as if she was ready to hug them at the same moment. Some of the pilgrims claim that on the day when Lekuru saw the Virgin, strange yellow rings were present around the Sun.

At the moment, the police are located near Lekuru’s house. Authorities fear that pilgrims may cause a second outbreak of coronavirus. But this does not stop people and they continue to come to the “sacred” place. Believers do not like the fact that the police drive them away and several hassles have already taken place when police cars tried to throw stones.


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