Expert: COVID-19 “eats” 10 years of patient’s life

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — COVID-19 can reduce a person’s life expectancy by 9-10 years. About this on the television channel “Russia24” said the doctor of biological sciences, professor at George Mason University Ancha Baranova.

“What we see now in the” freshly recovered “- they have a reduction in life by an average of 9-10 years,” said the expert. – It depends on gender: more for men, less for women. That is, COVID eats “10 years of future life.”

According to her, the scientists made such conclusions by evaluating the biochemical parameters of patients who had had COVID-19. However, these figures can be restored, she added. According to the professor, in order to minimize this negative effect of the virus, a complete rehabilitation is necessary after the illness.

“After COVID, we don’t immediately jump into the urgent work that needs to be done tomorrow, because you have been sick for two weeks! Have a lot of rest! And, most importantly, we recover the body during sleep. Therefore, 8 hours of sleep is a must, and if you are ill at the moment, then try to sleep for 10 hours,” Baranova recommended.

She clarified that coronavirus affects not only the respiratory system, reducing the vital volume of the lungs. The virus affects the functioning of the brain.

“We see that especially in the elderly, especially in severely ill patients, the virus causes various symptoms associated with a violation of the oxygen supply to the cerebral cortex. This does not mean that a person is sick and everything will not recover. But some people get very severe headaches people,” said the expert.

She added that people who carry the virus asymptomatically can have micro-strokes – this even threatens young patients. This may be the only symptom of coronavirus.

“A person can get a microstroke – some young one who had no symptoms. But because he has changed blood clotting (the virus worked inside), one day a person wakes up at night from a terrible headache, and it turns out to be a microstroke , that is, a clogged vessel. This is a very, very important thing, you need to know about it! ” – said Baranova.

In addition, coronavirus negatively affects the kidneys. According to the professor, doctors learned about this not so long ago. She explained: if the patient had initially reduced renal function, then against the background of COVID-19 this decrease will continue.

“During a severe viral infection, a lot of protein is secreted, the kidneys are overloaded and, accordingly, their filtration ability is lost,” the professor said, advising patients not to burden the kidneys additionally.

According to recent data in the world recorded more than 5 million cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus. The United States is in first place in the incidence rate: 1.55 million cases were detected there. Russia is in second place (317.5 thousand cases), and Brazil is quickly catching up with Russia on the third line (291.5 thousand cases, almost 20 thousand per day).


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