The theory of the formation of the moon will have to change

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists engaged in a more detailed study of the data that was obtained during the launch of the JAXA SELENE spacecraft into the Moon’s orbit in 2007. They managed to establish some simply incredible facts.

As it turned out, the surface of the moon constantly emits an incredibly strong stream of carbon ions. This indicates that from the very beginning the theory presented about how the Earth’s satellite was formed was incorrect and will have to be changed.

The fact that the surface emits ions indicates the fact that from the very first moment of formation, carbon was present inside the moon, and did not appear only some time after the end of the formation process.

It was possible to fix the emission of ions with the help of special equipment that was on the spacecraft. It is worth noting that the NASA teams did not have the equipment they needed, and therefore, no radiation was detected during the Apollo mission.

This was the reason that the incorrect theory about the formation of the satellite of our planet was put forward in its roots. The correct theory was to take into account the presence of volatile type compounds.

The authors of the study added that emissions were recorded almost over the entire surface of the moon. According to preliminary estimates, it was possible to establish that carbon has always existed there.

A small amount of carbon could have arisen as a result of exposure to the solar wind or due to a fall of meteorites. But the amount of matter that is present on the satellite could only arise if it is present in the very depths of the moon. In the future, more data analysis will be carried out in order to obtain as much information as possible about the formation of our satellite.


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