Professor Nick Bostrom: Humanity lives in a giant hologram

(ORDO NEWS) — There is no doubt that many of you have heard various hypotheses that our world is a computer simulation , and the feature film “The Matrix” is literally a revelation for all mankind.

It’s probably true in some way…

Philosophy professor Nick Bostrom, representing the University of Oxford, devoted several years of his life to trying to prove the unreality of everything that happens here and now.

Although, perhaps, for us, living in this world, everything is quite real.

Bostrom, being popular with many scientists, asked for help to prove his hypothesis mathematically.

Rich Terrell from NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory joined the study (he helped launch missions to Mars and discovered several moons of Saturn ).

The vision of the world, shaped by Nick Bostrom and supported by Rich Terrell, was supported by mathematical calculations that pointed to amazing patterns in our world, which seemed to be created especially for us.

“If the world as we see and feel it turned out to be a computer game created by high-class programmers and artists, then there would be much less questions.

Someone could put us here and endow us with illusory intelligence, ”Nick Bostrom reasoned.

Professor Nick Bostrom humanity lives in a giant hologram 2

Bostrom and Terrell believe that our world was modeled in advance, all actions and events were written long before us, and then a lonely but narcissistic humanity was placed in all this space, which is actually controlled by a higher mind.

“If our world is a computer program, then we need to become hackers and find a“ gap ”to crack it and see what is beyond the horizon of the visible world,” said Bostrom.


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