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    Professor Nick Bostrom: Humanity lives in a giant hologram

    (ORDO NEWS) — There is no doubt that many of you have heard various hypotheses that our world is a computer simulation , and the feature film “The Matrix” is literally a revelation for all mankind. It’s probably true in some way… Philosophy professor Nick Bostrom, representing the University of Oxford, devoted several years of his life to trying to prove the unreality of everything that happens here and now.…

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    Is our universe a hologram And what about black holes

    (ORDO NEWS) — One of the most promising attempts to explain gravity is to look at it differently, like something like a hologram, a three-dimensional effect that appears on a flat two-dimensional surface. The idea is that it only seems to us that we live in a three-dimensional universe – in fact, there can only be two changes. This view of the world is called the holographic principle. So, let’s…