Early morning on Mars: Detailed panorama from NASA Curiosity

(ORDO NEWS) — In early September 2021, the old NASA Curiosity rover continued to climb Mount Sharp (officially Mount Aeolis), which is the central peak of Gale Crater.

The purpose of the ascent is to look for possible traces of water and additional evidence that Mars could once support life.

One of Curiosity’s best panoramas

In the early hours of September 7, Curiosity was to head to one of the rocks to conduct “exploratory drilling”.

However, the team that controls the rover decided to wait a bit and look around. Thus began the process of creating a morning panorama, which turned out to be simply incredible.

We have already repeatedly shown you gorgeous views of the Red Planet and even let you “listen” to it , but this panorama is mind-blowing beauty!

Natural lighting allows you to see the details of the Red Planet that have never been seen before, and even the dust floating in the atmosphere is not a hindrance to this.

Early morning on Mars detailed panorama from NASA Curiosity 2

Curiosity’s next target is a region slightly to the right of Maria Gordon Notch. There, the rover will spend some time collecting data and taking pictures.


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