Prince Philip collected books and articles about UFOs and aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — More recently, another hobby of the late Prince Philip was discovered. It turns out that he collected various materials about UFOs, as well as books. He took over this occupation from his uncle, who earlier was also very interested in the unknown, reported by М

The journalists also spread information that Prince Philip regularly subscribed to the magazine “Flying Saucer Review”, and his assistant was collecting information about UFOs from the BBC.

One of the experts on alien intervention, namely John Hanson, stated that the sons of the prince are also very involved in this matter and they are also addicted to UFOs.

Hanson also added that he is proud of Prince Phillip, because he was interested in the fact that people have been haunted for thousands of years, and this unknown still remains a mystery to mankind.

At the age of 99, the Duke of Edinburgh died, and this event happened on April 9. The British media say that the entire royal family will be present at the funeral on April 17th. Prince Harry, who recently returned to the UK, but without his beloved, will also attend the ceremony.


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