A fresco depicting an ancient deity discovered in Peru

(ORDO NEWS) — An interesting discovery happened recently in Peru.┬áIn one of the ancient buildings where ceremonies were once held, a fresco was found on which there was something incomprehensible, but very similar to a spider-like deity, reported Live Science.

It is worth expressing special gratitude to the farmers, because it was thanks to the fact that they damaged the temple that work began there, during which a drawing was discovered on the southern wall.

Archaeologists also suggested that the deity is associated with water, because the image is directed towards the river that divides the Viru valley in half.

To date, most of the temple has been destroyed by local farmers who are constantly trying to expand their plantations, and at the moment only a small structure remains.

Archaeologists have asked the Ministry of Culture of Peru to restrict access to this temple, otherwise, it could be completely destroyed.

There was also a statement from the director of the archaeological site, he said that until the pandemic ends, no work will be carried out here, and the site will be closed.


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