COVID-19 can cause hallucinations and confusion in children

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the findings of the Institute of Neurology at University College London, young patients after being infected with coronavirus face not only physical symptoms, but also confusion and hallucinations, writes about this New York Times.

The multisystem inflammatory syndrome that occurs with the disease is usually associated with physical problems (pain in the muscles and abdomen, rashes, redness of the eyes, etc.), but children and adolescents also experience other symptoms. Thus, a significant number of young patients develop neurological problems, which also include speech impairment, difficulties with coordination and balance.

The study included 46 children at a London hospital. Hallucinations, etc. were seen by 24 children, that is, half. These patients require ventilators twice as often.

Separately, it is worth considering the effect of coronavirus on the heart: blood pressure decreases, blood pumping is disrupted. Children with neurological symptoms especially need medications to improve their heart rate.

Note that multisystem inflammatory syndrome occurs approximately 2-6 weeks after infection with coronavirus. The syndrome is rare, but very dangerous.


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