Predictions of modern clairvoyants for 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — The clairvoyant Vera Lyon and the prophet Salman Salehigudarza spoke about what awaits Russia and the rest of the world in 2022.

Many psychics, clairvoyants and prophets have already spoken about what awaits earthlings in 2022. We have already heard about the predictions of the Sheps brothers, Vanga, as well as Nostradamus.

The clairvoyant Vera Lyon, as well as the Iranian prophet Salman Salehigudarza, did not bypass the question of the future of the earth.

Vera Lyon’s predictions for 2022

Predictions of modern clairvoyants for 2022 2

The fortuneteller noted that many important events await Russia. Some of them will be really hard for most Russians. That is why you should be prepared for all kinds of situations.

Vera Lyon paid particular attention to sanctions from the West, as well as to the growth of the dollar. This can affect both the Russian economy and the economy of the whole world.

In addition, the clairvoyant spoke about the possibility of Russia to make a landing on the moon. According to Lyon, this will help prove that no one has visited the moon before, and the American landing was a fake.

What does Salman Salehigudarza portend

Predictions of modern clairvoyants for 2022 3

The Iranian prophet noted that difficult events await the whole world – right up to military actions. However, Russia will bypass many of these hardships.

First, the country will still cope and take control of the pandemic. Secondly, Russians will be able to overcome the economic crisis and its consequences.

At the same time, it should be understood that this does not exclude the possibility of both growth and fall of both the state currency and the political situation in the country.

But, according to the prophet, Russia is protected by a higher power. That is why one should expect unprecedented development. Moreover, Salman assured that Russia will be out of poverty in the coming years.

Recall that Nostradamus predicted that a real war could occur in 2022. In other words, there is a risk of the onset of the Third World War, which will lead to many casualties.


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