Most interesting exoplanets discovered in 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — After 30 years of observations and discoveries, the confirmed number of alien worlds in 2022 has reached more than 5000. All of them are located quite close, within a few thousand light-years from Earth.

In September 2022, astronomers announced that they had discovered planets of a completely new kind. They are half stone and half water (liquid or solid).

These planets revolve around the most common stars in our universe – red dwarfs. Scientists have suggested that such planets probably originated far from their stars, but later they were attracted to them.

Most interesting exoplanets discovered in 2022 2
Artistic illustration of a semi-stony, semi-aquatic world revolving around a red dwarf

Another unusual planet, which was named TOI-2180 b, is located 379 light years from Earth. It is about the size of Jupiter, but almost three times heavier. A year on TOI-2180 b lasts 261 days.

Most of all, astronomers were surprised by the very moderate temperature on this planet, which is only 77 degrees Celsius.

Although it is warmer there than on Jupiter and Saturn, it is still much colder on TOI-2180 b than on other giant exoplanets.

Most interesting exoplanets discovered in 2022 3
Artistic illustration of TOI-2180 b

The planet TOI-1075 b is similar in size to Earth, but is very hot and covered with magma, the surface temperature exceeds 1000 degrees Celsius.

It is considered one of the heaviest planets known to astronomers. The planet is located at a distance of 200 light years from Earth.

Most interesting exoplanets discovered in 2022 4
Illustration of exoplanet TOI-1075 b

In 2022, three exoplanets were discovered that orbit dying stars at a very close distance from them.

These planets, which have been named TOI-2337b, TOI-4329b and TOI-2669b, are gas giants with masses between 0.5 and 1.7 Jupiter masses.

In the future (in about a couple of million years), their stars will swallow these planets.

Most interesting exoplanets discovered in 2022 5
Artistic depiction of a Jupiter-sized exoplanet such as TOI-2337b, TOI-4329b, or TOI-2669b

And astronomers have found a planet of a rather strange shape. This is a gas giant called WASP-103b, which is twice the size of Jupiter and almost twice the mass of this planet.

But most importantly, the gravity of its star changed the shape of WASP-103b in such a way that the exoplanet resembles a rugby ball.

Most interesting exoplanets discovered in 2022 6
WASP-103b resembles a rugby ball

The James Webb Space Telescope has discovered a strange planet that is shrouded in clouds of sand-like silicate grains. This is a brown dwarf called VHS 1256 b, which is almost 20 times the size of Jupiter.

Most interesting exoplanets discovered in 2022 7
Brown Dwarf VHS 1256 b


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