Polish treasure hunters may have found the “Amber Room”

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Polish town of Mamerki, treasure hunters accidentally discovered an underground passage system. Earlier, the site of the find was the headquarters of the eastern army of Nazi Germany. Treasure seekers hope to find the lost “amber room” here.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Local historians, as well as treasure hunters, are sure that there may be the very “amber room” that disappeared in 1945. What is known about the underground passages system? Since the headquarters of the ground forces was located here for a rather long time, the system of moves is very developed and consists of a large number of paths. They have yet to be explored. This place has never been found.

So far, no valuables have been found inside, but researchers are actively continuing to work. This network of tunnels is more than 50 meters long, many of them are still filled up. In the summer they will be excavated and examined.

The Amber Room was presented to Peter I by King Frederick Wilhelm I of Prussia in 1716. Interesting artifacts have already been found in the tunnel, otherwise they do not carry a strong value.

In March 1942, the German press reported that the “amber room” was located in Konigsberg (Kaliningrad). Kaliningrad is adjacent to Poland and the city of Mamerki is the closest to the border. That is why local historians are sure that unique amber walls are hidden here.


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