In Wisconsin, a block of ice fell from the sky and broke through the roof of a house

(ORDO NEWS) — There is a stereotype that the house is our fortress. In the house, we are absolutely protected from any troubles and hardships. However, forensic experts say the opposite, at home you are at the greatest risk. For example, a completely unexplained incident happened with Ken Millermont and his family from Wisconsin.

Reported by WQOW News 18.

A block of ice the size of a cannonball flew into the ceiling of the Millermnon family home in the morning. The weight of the ice that crashed into the house reached 6 kg. The boulder pierced the roof of the house and the ceiling of the bedroom. When the ice broke through the roof of the house, the man and his family were inside.

They were all very lucky that no one was hurt. Everyone in the family is happy to have survived. The ice floe could fall on any family member who was in the house.

There are several theories about where the ice came from. In the morning, there was a strong thunderstorm in the city, and perhaps it was a large hailstone. But forecasters in Wisconsin deny this fact. The morning storm was not powerful enough to provoke such a massive hail.

According to the second theory, it could be a megacryometeor. This term was first used in 2000 by Jesus Martinez-Frias, a Spanish geologist. Megaardines were dropped in Europe and on other content. They can fall in the middle of broad daylight when there is not a single cloud in the sky. Today, scientists have not fully studied the formation of megacryometeors.


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