Explained the nature of an anomalous object from deep space

(ORDO NEWS) — The anomalous star has long been under the supervision of scientists. CXOU JO10043.1-721134 is a neutron star that astronomers have classified as magnetars. The fact is that the magnetic field of these objects is very strong, and the brightness of the light never goes out. Compared to the Earth‘s magnetic field, it is a quadrillion times larger.

This is reported by arxiv.org.

CXOU JO10043.1-721134 is one of the 5 magnetars known to science today. It is the only star with a strong magnetic field outside the Milky Way. Previously, magnetars were difficult to study because they are located at a great distance from the Earth. Within a radius they reach 20-30 km, but with such small sizes they weigh tens of times more than the Sun.

The star is located in the Small Magellanic Cloud. It has a low core density compared to other magnetars. Explored the star in 2016. Thanks to the XMM-Newton telescope, it was possible to establish that it has a standard rotation period. The star is 7,200 years old and has a magnetic field of 380 trillion gauss.

CXOU has a dipolar magnetic field. Scientists also found that the star’s momentum profile has 2 peaks: wide and narrow. Their values ​​are constant and have not changed over 16 years of observation, which is quite unusual.

If ordinary stars begin to fade over time, then magnetars continuously radiate heat and energy. Now researchers continue to study the reason for such an anomalous glow of these cosmic bodies in order to search for an endless source of energy.


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