Theory about the laboratory origin of the coronavirus turned out to be wrong

(ORDO NEWS) — Gedeon Meyerowitz-Katz, a scientist and epidemiologist in Australia, has strongly criticized the theory that SARS-Cov-2 is of laboratory origin. He argues that in theory there are a lot of mistakes and inconsistencies. There is no point in considering it.

This is reported by Science Alert.

The epidemiologist said that the whole theory of the artificial origin of the virus is based on only one piece of evidence. The thing is that the laboratory origin of the coronavirus is explained by 4 positively charged amino acids. Most scientists argue that such a phenomenon is impossible in nature.

Gideon said that this is not so, since 3996 human proteins have at least 1 segment, where four equally charged amino acids go in a row. In nature, there may be many more such cases. It’s just that science hasn’t researched everything yet.

Scientists study different strains of coronavirus every day. Virologists have conducted hundreds of experiments. Research has skyrocketed since the SARS-1 and MERS outbreaks. There are also hundreds of unknown specimens in nature. With such a variety of naturally occurring viruses, it is very foolish to claim that a leak from a laboratory in Wuhan was the cause of the pandemic.


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