Plague spreads around the world a man infected in California

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the latest reports, in South Lake Tahoe, a local resident caught the bubonic plague when he was bitten by a flea.

The incident occurred while walking the dog in the Tahoe Keys area. The American quickly sensed that something was happening to his body. The authorities have already responded: El Dorado County Public Health Officer Nancy Williams urged to be as careful as possible in nature. Every precaution should be taken both when camping and hiking, and during normal walks with pets.

It is known that the man was not hospitalized: he is undergoing treatment at home while in isolation. The American is being watched by medical workers. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 7 infections in the United States each year. As a rule, infection occurs through flea bites or accidental contact with saliva and tissues of diseased animals.

Plague in California was last reported five years ago in several visitors to Yosemite Park. We also recently wrote about the infection of residents of the south-west of Mongolia in the Gov-Altai province and the death of one teenager. The virus was hiding in a groundhog, which the young man ate with his friends. The epidemic was contained, there is no data on new cases of infection. The plague manifested itself in the Republic of Tuva, as well as in Altai. The authorities began to urgently vaccinate citizens.


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