Giant anomaly in Earth’s magnetic field continues to expand

(ORDO NEWS) — Some part of the planet was left unprotected: between South America and southwest Africa, the magnetic field practically disappeared. The gap is constantly expanding, which frightens scientists.

The situation is being monitored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The gap is called the South Atlantic Anomaly. It was formed not one year ago or even two. Scientists have been observing the expansion of the “spot” for many years. Due to the weakening of the magnetic field, satellites and spacecraft suffer, as they are affected by charged solar particles. It is important to note that life on Earth is not negatively affected by the anomaly, so there is no need to worry about this.

The negative effect is shown on the equipment. For example, devices stop collecting data or turn off altogether as soon as they enter the anomalous zone. They are not resistant to the high energy flow that comes from the Sun.

As noted by geophysicist Terry Sabaka, who works at the Center for Space Flight. Goddard, a magnetic field is actually a superposition of fields that represent fluid sources. The main source of the Earth’s magnetic field is molten iron in the bowels of the planet. During the movement of this substance, an electric current is formed, which forms a kind of dome that protects our planet. It can be concluded that the currents are not uniform.

Scientists do not fully understand the essence of the anomaly, the reasons for its appearance and the consequences. Observations since 2016 have indicated that the breach is heading northwest. Moreover, the anomaly, apparently, is going to split into two parts in the near future. Only time will tell what this entails.


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