Tourists encounter Bigfoot in Ozark National Park

(ORDO NEWS) — The incredible story took place a few days ago in the Ozark National Park, which is located in the state of Arkansas, reports TODAY IN FORT SMITH.

The story was told by a Fort Smith resident who met Bigfoot outside Campbell Cemetery in the Ozark National Park. As the woman said, she and her husband wanted to find a secluded place to take a break from civilization for a few days. That is why they chose an old abandoned cemetery, which no one has visited for a long time.

Suddenly, the couple heard a strange sound that resembled an animal growl. He came from the thickets. After a few minutes, the growl began to be heard more clearly and it seemed that he was getting closer.

The couple was frightened by the fact that their dog always barked if predators approached. This time, the dog huddled next to the tent and began to whine pitifully. After that, the couple left the tent and to calm the dog, they began to growl, but this joke did not bring any result. Growling from the bushes suddenly became more aggressive and loud, spreading around the area. They didn’t even think that it might be some kind of Bigfoot. The growl resembled a huge wolf or bear. At some point, stones and huge sticks began to fly into the tent.

The man freaked out like that, because he thought that hooligans were hiding in the bushes. He began to direct his dogs at them, but this was the biggest mistake. They rushed to the bushes, and then began to scream terribly. A couple like this had never heard before. After a few more moments, pieces of dogs began to fly towards the tent. When the witnesses saw that these were not stones, but a dog torn in half, they immediately rushed to flee from the scene.

After that, they wrote a statement to the police. A tent and a variety of equipment were found at the indicated place, but there were no parts of the dogs, so the spouses were considered crazy. It is worth noting that acquaintances said that something like this had already happened in the National Park last month.


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