Pink color doesn’t really exist

(ORDO NEWS) — Pink color does not really exist. That is, of course, he is, but only in our imagination, scientists say.

The problem is that pink is a combination of red and violet, two colors that are on opposite sides of the rainbow spectrum.

Pink cannot exist in nature without bending the colors of the rainbow, so that red and purple mix, which is theoretically impossible.

Color is the image of our brain and vision, and when you look at a pink object, you actually do not see a pink wavelength of light. It appears pink only because certain wavelengths of light are reflected, while others are absorbed by being suppressed by pigments.

Thus, pink is a reflective, not a transmitting color that people see, because the brain transforms the light reflected from it. In fact, pink should be called a “negative green” color, as it is residual from the effects of white when we remove green.

However, Jill Morton, a professor at the University of Hawaii who consulted with renowned companies such as Xerox, Kodak and others, disagrees – “Of course, pink is a color, but it really is not part of the light spectrum.

This is an additional spectral color and in order to get it, you need to mix. If you take red paint and add white, you get pink. Technically, you cannot form pink from the colors of the rainbow, but you can mix other colors to get pink,” he explained.


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