Pig hearts transplanted to humans lasted three days

(ORDO NEWS) — Transplantologists from New York University Langone Medical Center have performed operations to transplant a genetically modified pig heart into a human. The transplant was carried out as part of the study.

The first operation was carried out in mid-June 2022, Business Insider reported. At the same time, the heart of a pig was transplanted to a person who had previously been diagnosed with brain death, and the functions of the lungs and other organs were maintained thanks to the devices.

The body of the 72-year-old recipient, Lawrence Kelly from Pennsylvania, was donated by the family specifically for research.

The specialists performed the second transplant on July 6 with a deceased recipient, 64-year-old Alva Capuano from New York. The transplanted organs functioned in the bodies for about 72 hours.

“It was one of the most incredible things to see the heart of a pig pounding and beating in a human chest,” said study participant Dr. Robert Montgomery.

Scientists emphasized that transplantation of genetically modified hearts will become available to living patients within the next 10 years. However, for this it is necessary to understand how to avoid risks in case of an unforeseen infection.

Recall that the first-ever human pig heart transplant took place at the University of Maryland in January 2022.


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