What are alien ships doing on the surface of the sun

(ORDO NEWS) — The researcher discovered the presence of strange “ships” flying over the surface of the Sun. Does this mean that aliens can control the Sun?

This message was published on July 10 last year and shows unusual flashes and mysterious objects of green light floating around the star.

Renowned researcher Scott Waring said he first learned about this in the media about 6 years ago.

What are alien ships doing on the surface of the sun 2

“They stated that UFOs suddenly enlarge and slow down for no reason and that they make sharp 90-degree turns without slowing down.”

This would confirm the theory of scientists, according to which aliens use the energy of the Sun as fuel for their spacecraft.

The ufologist believes that aliens can control the Sun to maintain a constant temperature on Earth. But it is possible that they are hiding something massive in it, which simply does not fit in our human consciousness.

In addition to Scott Waring, another researcher also observed strange similar ships far from the Sun.

It was a huge “alien structure” moving in the direction of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Some theorists argue that this satellite looks suspiciously like a so-called mothership or intergalactic cruiser.

The SecureTeam YouTube channel and its community manager Tyler mentioned in a related video that there is a lot of scientific controversy about extraterrestrial life and the possibility of it currently existing in Europe‘s vast frozen oceans.

The video was sent to the channel by Louis Lee, a Mars explorer from Bristol (UK). This is reported by the portal Mirror.

The picture shows a brightly glowing Jupiter, and on the left – a strange anomaly with an incredibly strong glow. Experts assure that there is no doubt that this is one or more structures together.

It is possible that the solar system may be invaded by alien ships in search of something that we do not yet know.


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