Physicist found out whether there is a double of the Earth and a parallel universe

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(ORDO NEWS) — Physicist Brianna Smart, who works at the University of Hertfordshire in Great Britain, wrote an article in which she proposed for consideration the most interesting theories regarding the existence of not only a parallel universe, but also a double of the Earth.

This was reported by The Conversation.

One of the theories is based on the hypothesis that the rate of expansion of the universe is constantly increasing. This process was called cosmic inflation. The greater the distance from Earth, the faster the expansion will occur. This theory states that after the universe began to exist, it expanded at a great rate. This was necessary so that light could quickly reach our planet from the most distant galaxies.

Accordingly, there is a place somewhere that people simply cannot see. There are galaxies in this place and scientists call it a separate parallel universe. Such a theory is very popular, because in it there is no need to change the laws of physics that have been known for a long time.

Another rather interesting theory is that the rapid expansion of space has occurred more than once. There were many such processes and they took place in different places after the Big Bang. This caused the formation of separate bubbles of the universe, in which there are separate types of matter. 

Accordingly, we can say that the laws of physics will work differently in each bubble than in others. 

The physicist suggests that each of these bubbles may be infinite, like our universe. This theory allows us to explain why there are no particles in our universe that should be there, but they have not yet been found.

An equally interesting theory is one related to quantum mechanics. 

This science allows us to understand what very small particles can do. If a particle is launched into a wall, it will either bounce off it or pass through it. Quantum mechanics shows which event will be more likely. If we take this theory into account, then in a parallel universe everything can happen exactly as in ours. The only difference will be that the particle in it passes through the wall, and does not bounce off it. 

The theory is based on the fact that in each case, when a quantum-mechanical action occurs, another parallel universe is created.

Smart says that it is quite possible that there could be a double of our planet, if we consider the theory with parallel worlds. There is a chance that a process may occur in one of the bubbles, as a result of which another Earth was or will be formed. The specialist added that it is incredibly difficult to verify these theories in practice, and some are completely unrealistic


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