Phobos will crash into Mars: scientists have told when it will happen

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(ORDO NEWS) — NASA scientists suggest that if there is a change in the trajectory of Phobos’ rotation around Mars, it will eventually cause it to collide with the Red Planet. But even if this happens, many years will pass. This is reported by Giantfreakinrobot.

During the rotation of Phobos around Mars, the satellite’s gravity has a slight effect on the inner layers of the Red Planet. This becomes the reason that changes begin to gradually occur not only in those rocks that are in the crust of the planet, but also in those that are present in the mantle. In turn, the gravity of Mars affects the orbit of Phobos and changes it very slowly.

Experts assume that after many tens of millions of years, the Red Planet may collide with its satellite. But if you conduct regular observations of solar eclipses from Mars, it will be possible to establish more precisely how the trajectory of Phobos’ rotation is changing. It is worth noting that some time ago the Perseverance rover recorded a solar eclipse, during which Phobos partially blocked part of the Sun.

NASA is sure that the collision will definitely happen and it cannot be otherwise, but many years will pass before that happens. At the same time, some experts suggest that events may develop differently.

Some scientists believe that after the collision, Phobos will break up into huge pieces and they will be scattered over the entire surface of the Red Planet. In turn, other experts assume that a ring will gradually form from the debris of Phobos around Mars, and only a small amount will fall to the surface.

It is worth noting that researchers have been interested in the Red Planet’s satellite Phobos for quite some time, because it has a very interesting orbit. To date, there is very little information about the composition of the satellite, as well as its origin.

Phobos has a very strange shape and looks like a huge potato. It orbits the Red Planet much faster than the planet itself. The sunrise and sunset of Phobos from the surface of Mars can be seen twice a day.

If we take into account the fact that the collision between Phobos and Mars will take place very soon, then people will be able to observe these events for many years. NASA experts claim that people will be able to go to Mars in a decade. There is plenty of time to study Phobos before it collides with its planet.


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