Mars is being colonized by cyborgs

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(ORDO NEWS) — Before humanity begins to master Mars, several serious tasks must be solved at once. To begin with, you need to create a powerful and reliable spacecraft that will not only be able to quickly cover huge distances, but also protect against the effects of cosmic and solar radiation. 

In addition, we need to find a way to fully live in weak microgravity on a planet with a very thin atmosphere, reported by  the Daily Mail.

Professor Martin Rees from the University of Cambridge in Great Britain is sure that all problems are easily solved, but only under one condition. Only cyborgs will be able to conquer Martian space.

“Those who want to explore Mars will have a good incentive to modify themselves, because ordinary people are not at all adapted to life in the conditions observed on Mars. That is why all opportunities will be used in order to quickly adapt to a different environment. Literally, in a few generations, Mars will be colonized, but by a completely different species,” says the professor.

He noted that it is quite difficult to imagine what a person who is a symbiosis of blood, flesh, and technology will look like. Most likely, such people will be practically immortal. They will be able to make long journeys through space and, if necessary, hibernate for several centuries or even millennia.

Mars is uninhabitable for several reasons. First of all, weak gravity can lead to rapid atrophy of muscles and bones. In addition, there will be problems with coordination of movements, spatial orientation. 

The problem can be solved with the help of special vibrating platforms or by installing devices that create artificial gravity. Cyborgs will have steel plates under their skin that will reliably protect their internal organs.

Do not forget about the low temperature on Mars and the lack of oxygen. According to the professor, these problems can be solved with the help of cyborg equipment with special technologies. Some will help maintain the necessary body temperature, while others will process carbon dioxide to obtain oxygen.


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