Perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo discovered in China

(ORDO NEWS) — About 70 million years ago, a small dinosaur resembling an ostrich was still inside an egg and preparing for birth. But he did not wait for his birth.

The embryo was named by specialists “Little Yinglyan”. He died right in an egg several tens of millions of years ago, and for some time his fossils were discovered by scientists in China. It is worth noting that over the past 100 years, many dinosaur nests and eggs have been found, but this find has become unique.

Darla Zelenitskaya from the University of Calgary in Canada, said that the baby’s skeleton was not only kept in perfect condition. He froze in his natural position inside the egg, as if he had died quite recently. This pose attracted the interest of specialists.

Many people know that living bird embryos tend to be in the most comfortable position to be born quickly. But such behavior in dinosaurs has not been previously recorded.

Fion Waysum Ma added that some types of behavior that are characteristic only of birds could be found among certain species of dinosaurs several tens or hundreds of millions of years ago.


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