Antimatter from another galaxy crashed into Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory recorded a very strange signal a few years ago. The modern detector is located underground at the South Pole. Many years later, astrophysicists analyzed the data obtained and confirmed that then a particle of antimatter crashed into our planet.

In this case, we are talking about a particle called an antineutrino. It appeared far beyond the Milky Way in another galaxy and then crashed into Antarctica.

The model of elementary particles present in physics suggests that absolutely any type of particles necessarily has an analogue of antimatter. Sheldon Glashow almost 60 years ago began to talk about the fact that someday there will be a collision of an antineutrino with an electron, which will cause the formation of a whole cascade of other particles.

It is very problematic to establish traces of the “Glashow resonance”, because in order to create an antineutrino it will take at least a thousand times more energy than can be obtained using the most powerful colliders present on our planet.

Ice Cube’s incredible discovery is the best proof that supermassive black holes can act as great accelerators


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