An unusual symptom of pancreatic cancer has been identified

(ORDO NEWS) — Pancreatic cancer is incredibly difficult to diagnose in its early stages of development. In this case, the disease is very common and is considered one of the most common types of oncology.

Experts from the UK believe that the symptoms in the presence of a malignant tumor in the pancreas in different people can be quite different. In some situations, they do not manifest themselves at all.

Some time ago, scientists conducted a study, during which they identified a completely new and unusual sign of pancreatic cancer – “butterflies in the stomach.”

Previously, this somewhat strange sensation was attributed to oncology, but experts did not have enough evidence. In 2014, they conducted another study, during which they examined the data of many people who complained of the presence of “pain and a feeling of flutter” under the ribs. After that, they were all examined and the doctors were able to establish the presence of pancreatic cancer.

Cancer Action CEO Ali Stant noted that in this case, it is possible to make a correct diagnosis in only 10% of all.


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