Pentagon has admitted that it stores UFO wreckage and is conducting tests over them

(ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, the US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency published test results, in which reports of strange metals with incredible capabilities can be found.

In the letter, the Pentagon stated that it really stores the UFO wreckage, studies them and conducts all sorts of tests. It is worth noting that the letter was a response to a request from researcher Anthony Bragalia, who wanted to know what information the Pentagon has about UFOs. The reports received contained information about a strange metal, nitinol, which remembers how it was shaped when it was first crumpled.


The researcher believes that the Pentagon made an incredible confession, which says that some of the wreckage has extraordinary capabilities. Abilities include the invisibility of objects, as well as slowing the speed of light.

Anthony Bragalia believes that some of the materials may have remained after the accident that occurred in 1947 in Roswell. Then the UFO crashed. It is worth noting that all tests were carried out by Bigelow Aerospace.


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